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how god is working in the lives of his children each and everyday

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Encounters You'll find in volume one


"Through an amazing Bible study, I developed a personal, intimate relationship with God. I began to realize God was with me in the form of His Holy Spirit. Rather than just knowing about God and His Son, which was head not heart knowledge. It became crystal clear; the Holy Spirit was alive and living within me"


"There were times when I slipped away from my faith a bit (or got lazy) but, deep down, I always knew I belonged to God and that my hope was in Him. He has seen me through good times and bad. I can’t imagine, (and don’t want to imagine) what my life would have been like without my faith in God."


I remember sitting down on a 5-gallon bucket of soap and saying, “Jesus you are God, aren’t you?" I look back and I see how His faithfulness helped me navigate the next year and a half. In 1976, I surrendered to proclaiming the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and have never regretted it.  His grace is amazing!


what people are saying about it

“I read the book you gave me. I liked it. I thought the interviews may draw others to our precious Lord and give them the opportunity to grow and learn how compassionate, loving and faithful He is to His promises.  I am so excited and praising God for these little books with a Big message and how they are touching so many lives.”

--DV, donated 5 books for free distribution.

"I want to give it to all my friends!"

-JT, a believer, age 86.

"After reading the book, "I can see how it would work in people's lives. It is easy to read. It is easy to understand and it gets to your heart."

--EK, believer who ordered 50 for church distribution.

"It literally brought tears to my eyes. I definitely want to spread this book around in various ways.  Please send a book to my friend who doesn't know God."


EWG, INC. was happy to send a “free distribution book” to her to share with her friend.

"I believe in these little books. Here's my donation.”


"I need another 10. I took my first 5 to church shut-ins."


"I gave mine to a friend. She is sending me money to purchase some more to mail to her friends!"


A 92-year-old shut-in:

"Truly enjoying book. Started reading it; couldn't put it down. I plan on reading it multiple times."

“Thank you for your booklet. I read it a few pages at a time and am enjoying it. The encounters are very inspiring. It’s amazing what people experience and we never knew about it. Keep up the good work!”