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By Elaine Kogut, excerpt from upcoming Encounters with God Interviews, Vol. 2

Once you know that you have the Lord in your life…once you have that assurance, everything changes. I see it in the lives of every Christian I know. I see the difference in the lives of friends who do not know the Lord as well.

Prior to knowing Jesus, I felt everything was temporary. I could do anything that I wanted to do. No consequences and no big deal. I would live for me. I could fly from one idea about life to the next, like being in the wind. I decided that each person needs to do what is right for themselves.

If something did not work out, I could fix it myself. As for making decisions that were the best…who cares? Free spirit, right? After all, I was the boss! I simply didn’t realize how lost, out of control, and in the dark I was.

Now I know that God knit us together in our mother’s womb. He knew every single one of our days before we were even born. Wow! There is not one thing that will slip by Him, since the Lord knows each and every one of our days.

The above statement is true for every single person ever conceived. God knows all of us inside and out and upside down. It is hard for my brain to fully get that, but I know that it is true. I can live knowing that whatever comes to me in a day; He already knew would happen.

I’m not saying I never worry or get anxious for the future but, when I do, I whisper a little prayer to the Father who folds me right back up into Himself and my faith in Him becomes my treasure. No fear. No matter what. In the deepest, darkest times which could bring me to tears or tempt me to feel I am on my own again, He brings me back with indescribable comfort and peace.

The entire stratosphere is all His. Our big God is holding it all. That is TRUTH. It Is all going to work out exactly as He has planned for us. That is a promise from our Dear Jesus and we are carved in the Palm of His Hand. He is unchangeable. We are rooted in Him. Yes, we are rooted in the unchangeable person of God. That is a different kind of peace and an unimaginable kind of comfort.

How’s your faith right now? Do you need to accept God’s will? Are you questioning what His will is for your life? We urge you to peruse our website further, read our other blogs, or investigate the steps we recommend for getting closer to God. If you need more encouragement, please request our FREE e-Book, Encounters With God Interviews to read more about how people, like you, reached out to Him in prayer and changed their lives forever!

We hope you are ready to begin a new day with Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

Bible References are taken from the

New King James Version (NKJV) unless otherwise stated.

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