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O our God, will You not judge them? For we have no power against this

great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do,

but our eyes are upon You.  2 Chronicles 20:12   

I have had the privilege of studying in the book of Judges over the past few weeks. I have landed squarely on the story of Gideon, which begins in chapter 6. And while a familiar children’s story it is rich with truths that challenge us as adults in ways that bring us to a conclusion that God sees us not only where we are, but where he wants us to be.  The real question here is, how do I get there?  How do I get to the place where God is using me for exactly what He has purposed for me?   

Once again, the Israelites have turned away from God and to idol worship in the book of Judges. This story unfolds over and over again, and God intervenes over and over again to bring His people back to Him. Gideon is found in a winepress, threshing wheat in hiding from the Midianites. God has allowed 7 years of oppression and desolation. The people have cried out to God for help and God has called on Gideon.   

And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him, and said to him, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!” Judges 6:12  

I can imagine that Gideon did not seem or act like a mighty man of valor. He probably didn’t feel very courageous or heroic at this point either.  But God saw something different. He saw Gideon hiding alright, but He also saw a mighty warrior, a mighty hero, a brave man. He saw who Gideon would be by trusting and walking with Him in His purpose. He needed Gideon’s gaze. 

I love especially that as Gideon began to offer up excuses about why God should not choose him to deliver Israel, God did not deny that those excuses were true.  He simply offered up a solution in verses 12-16, “The Lord is with you.” “Have I not sent you?” and “Surely I will be with you.” God’s solution to our shortcomings is simply that if He has called you, He will be with you. 

Think about how God often uses those who consider themselves of no use. It is at this point we can cry out and say, “God, I cannot do this.  I do not see what you see. I do not understand. I need you.”  It is at this point we do what King Jehoshaphat did in 2 Chronicles 20 as he faced a vast army coming against him and things seemed futile. He confessed to Jehovah God he had “no power” to accomplish what God had set before him and he could not see how God would work, but he profoundly said, “but our eyes are upon you”. 

This simply means that when we don’t see how to get from point A to point B, and how God can work out His purposes for us and our potential for what He sees in each of us, we just say ‘my eyes are upon you, O God! You make me into a mighty warrior of valor and courage, bravery, and heroism for you! You have called me, you are sending me, you will be with me.’ 

When our mental and spiritual faculties are firmly fixed and focused on God, we are looking to the potential that He wants to unlock in each of us. Oh Lord, help us to keep our eyes on you! 

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We hope you are ready to begin a new day with Jesus, our Lord and Savior. 

Bible References are taken from the

New King James Version (NKJV) unless otherwise stated. 

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