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A recent issue of Word Among Us magazine reminds us that “Do Not Be Afraid” is one of the most frequently used phrases in Scripture. From Genesis to Revelation, God tells His people, not to be afraid! (Genesis 15:1; Revelation 2:10 NKJV.)

It goes on to say, fear is a healthy response to danger. But, if it overpowers us, it can magnify fear so much that we doubt if God is willing or able to help. This is when fear robs us of a trusting relationship with God.

God wants us to fill our hearts with hope instead of fear. Hope that tells us He is with us, He is at work, He loves us, our lives are safe with Him. If we don’t listen to Him, telling us “Do not be afraid,” we won’t hear Him.

We don’t have to get too creative to hear Him. Just a few moments in a quiet corner with a Bible will do. The important part, we are reminded, is to set aside “listening” time to quiet our voice and minds, filling our hearts with gratitude.

As we listen, we may notice anxiety and worry decrease. Hope may begin to fill our minds. If we experience a phrase from Scripture or a hymn or even a Christmas carol pops into our minds, this might very well be the Holy Spirit of God, saying, “Fear Not! I am with you.”

The Lord sees your fears and disappointments. He doesn’t want you to be afraid or avoid His presence. In fact, He wants to bring you closer to Him than ever before and fill you with confidence. Listening to God will help you begin to understand His ways and see the signs of His faithfulness each day. That’s the gift God wants to give you!

(Reflection above abased on Advent 2022 Word Among Us magazine article, “Do Not Be Afraid!)

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