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The answer is no … but, you will need to find a group or a body of Christians who talk and teach “The Good News of God’s Love” for Us. Find the friendliest, most joy-filled people you know and ask if they attend a church? Imagine their surprise when you show up one day! 

If you have to go Church shopping, here are some suggestions: 

Look for what you need first.

  1. Do they believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?
  2. Is the Bible read in church? 
  3. Does the sermon relate to the Bible reading? Are practical tips offered for applying the reading to your life, today, on earth?
  4. Is the Church dedicated to community ministry? What is their mission?
  5. Does the congregation seem to walk the walk of a Christian inside as well as outside Church walls?

What other things speak to your soul?

  1. Does the congregation seem happy to be “at church?” I once was told about a church which refused to say the Lord’s Prayer? What? It is “the Lord’s Prayer.” He taught it to his disciples; his apostles. Why in the world would someone object if, in fact, they professed to believe in Jesus and God’s Word—the Bible? 
  2. Do the members/preacher/pastor walk the walk and talk the talk? Hang around a bit after church and listen to what is being said. Are they talking about the sermon, the reading, a ministry, or mission? Or is it more a gabfest about someone or something?
  3. When you are present inside the worship area, do you feel the Peace of God around you? (People say that we shouldn’t be guided by “feelings” but God gave us feelings for a reason. Ask yourself if you feel peaceful in this place?
  4. Does it match your needs: location, facilities like handicap accessible, bathrooms, nursery, crying room, valet parking! You know what I mean, how does it “fit” you? One church I’ve been privileged to be a part of had a whole section of pews for the hearing impaired and a sign-language interpreter for the whole service. How loved they all must have felt! Another, would greet members on a rainy day at the drop-off with an umbrella to escort them into the building. Big are great and little things mean so much.
  5. Note, I didn’t mention music. I love old hymns but some of the new songs are so beautiful and a loving response to a much beloved God. So, I’m open to some newness and I thing it does the body good.

In answer to the question, do you need a church to be a Christian? No, you do not need to go to a church to be a Christian but you do need to find a community (physical or virtual) which helps God feed your soul and where you can learn how to help, grow, and feed others.

Church is just one part of what you need to feed your Christian life. The other things you can do to make your faith strong and sustaining is Prayer, Bible reading, Baptism–P.S. Church can help with that!

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8.

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