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During World Wars I & II, graphic flyers and billboards appeared across the nation. Each had an “Uncle Sam” character, wearing a large hat with red, write, and blue stripes. His large, pointed finger pointing outward. The words, “Uncle Sam wants YOU!,” seemed to jump off the cardboard poster and poke the reader in the face! There was little room for doubt about who and what was, “wanted.” 

Among ministry workers, we tend to forget how direct God can be. Not just can be but emphatically is. Why do we so often get it wrong; as if God needs our help to know what to do about His ministry. I believe it is the ago old bug-a-boo, EGO.

For some reason I must think God gave me an assignment and then left the room causing me to become self-reliant to get the job done.

It took a recent, lengthy illness to show me the error of my ways. A quick look in the Bible illustrates the real truth—if God wants it done, He will not only “tell” us, He will show and give us the blueprint in exact detail. For example, 1. Noah got a blue print of how to build the ark; 2. Moses got all the dimensions and types of timber to use to build the Tent of Worship…not only that but specific directions on how to go and come from camp; 3. Paul fell off his horse, became blind, and was told where to go in Damascus. In other words, all Paul’s willful freedom to do what he thought God wanted was stripped from Paul so there became no choice but to follow God’s instructions to the letter!

These are just a few examples; God has blessed us with many, many more! Why not get out your Bible and re-read these incredible stories: Mary, Elizabeth, Zachariah, Joseph, Jonah, Peter, Lot, Sara, Abraham just to name a few.

Whenever I am tempted to do it on my own, I try to remember the people mentioned above who made matters worse by “doing it their way” in the name of God!


Wait for his plan. Like Uncle Sam, He knows how to get your attention when He wants YOU. Fill your hearts with hope and expectations. He never disappoints!

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