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Nurture your Faith and Growth as a Strong Christian

Last week’s blog post talked about four different types of Christians, based on the Sower and the Seed parable in the Bible, Matthew 4:3-20? I asked, two questions, “Do you identify with one or all of the above as I do?” and “What would help you move from one stage to the next?”

Keeping with the analogy of the field/garden and seed/sowing, here are four “gardening” tips to nurture your faith and growth as a strong Christian! Don’t forget to tend your garden often— you must do all four to get the best fruit from your faith experience.

Find a church—other Christians. Do you know someone who is joy-filled most of the time? They don’t just mouth words but actually follow Christ’s example? Find out where they attend church—go there! Don’t wait to be asked, just go. Think how surprised they will be to see you!

Be Baptized, if you haven’t been, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit—like Jesus was Baptized. Read Matthew 3:13-16, Mark 9-11, Luke 3:21-22.

Read the Bible. Start with the first four books of the New Testament which can be referred to as love letters from God. “Only the Gospel can make sense of the human experience and enable life to be beautiful, and fruitful, even in the most fragile and difficult situations.” *

Talk to God in Prayer. He loves to hear from us! Prayer is when we show Him our love. We can always be assured by Psalm 34:7, “This poor one cried out and was heard.”

“We may fear if we start praying regularly, the Lord will confront our mediocrity or lead us on a path where we no long have control over our lives. We may be tempted to feel weary or discouraged, or we may feel we are not making progress. The devil tries to do everything he can to turn us away from prayer because he knows, a soul that prays is lost to him!” – Jacques Phillippe

We aren’t “doing” these things to get “right” with God…. Right or wrong, God already knows our heart. He is already with us whether we acknowledge Him or not! It is faith, not works that brings us the closest we can be to Him and Him to us, while here on earth!

In what ways are you nurturing your garden? What have been the results? Comment below or shoot me an email.

*Our Witness of Hope, from The Word Among Us, September 2021.

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