Different Types of Christians


Do you know there are different types of Christians? I do, because I’ve been all four! You may never have thought about this question, but Jesus did. He noted four types: Those who “skirt” the edges of Christ’s teachings; they heard about Him but they aren’t sure if they want to give their heart to…

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Welcome to Encounters with God

woman adventurer

My last post was about my background and how much God loves us. With this post I want to explain how God and I have worked together throughout my life and how, Encounters with God—the book, the blog, the ministry came about. Mid-way in my discipleship, it seemed God would push me into activities and…

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Hello! I’m Teri Pizza

woman at lake

Hello! I’m Teri Pizza, EWG Director. By way of introduction let me tell you three more things about myself which might be called extra-ordinary: Notice the spelling of my last name: p-i-z-z-a. Yep, it’s just like the ever-popular food item! I pronounce it Pie-za. Mispronounced it? I don’t care because now I know, you now…

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